Jelly Collection Red


My name is Caroline and I think everyone needs jelly in their life.

I am a devoted collector of antique jelly moulds, but unlike many collectors I actually use them to create glorious jellies of all shapes, sizes and flavours.

I have been collecting since 2005 and I started, purely because I loved the way they look.

But, after attending a wonderful jelly course led by food historian Ivan Day at his home in the Lake District I learnt how to use the moulds to create beautifully wobbly jellies and I started to put my collection to use.

In 2020 I set myself a mission to make a jelly a day and share the results on ´╗┐Instagram.

Unexpectedly I built up a huge following of jelly fans from around the world and am delighted to have shared a little bit of joy in a year filled with gloom.

I hope this site will give you plenty of ideas and tips to help you get started making Jellies, as well as a chance to learn a little bit about the moulds themselves.