Halloween Jelly

These spooky jellies make a great centrepiece for a children’s halloween party which can also be enjoyed by eating the jelly from around the fruit. While decorative antique moulds are so pretty, the fluted sides make it hard to see objects inside them. As such, to make these cute halloween jellies for your children’s party it’s best to use a simple modern mould which allows you to clearly to see through to the fruit.

Halloween Jelly Lime

Simply (and carefully) carve halloween faces into satsumas and limes. I find it’s  best to use a small sharp knife to cut your halloween face into the whole fruit. 

Halloween Jelly Orange


1 Packet fruit jelly

Limes, satsumas or even lemons


  1. Make your jelly mix following the packet instructions. 
  2. I use Hartley’s tablet jellies, they make a delicious orange and a lime flavor and the final jelly is translucent.
  3. Follow the packet instructions to make 1 pint of jelly in orange and lime flavour.
  4. Add a 1cm layer of the jelly mix into the bottom of each mould and set in the fridge. 
  5. Remove and add your mini fruit pumpkins, making sure the face is pointing in the right direction, add another 1cm of the jelly mix and set again. This holds the fruit in place and stops it bobbing up.
  6. Once set you can fill your mould to the top and place in the fridge for the last set. 
  7. To unmould simply dip the mould in hot water for a few seconds and up turn onto a plate.